Michael Tobias Solo
Live at Eddie’s Attic
Atlanta, GA

“With roots that go down to the deep South, Michael Tobias is a wrecking ball of blues, folk and soul when he plays, swinging loops of scorching blues harp and 12-string guitar right through the walls of his own sanity.”

“It takes about 90 seconds of seeing Tobias play to realize that he tackles music very differently than most artists, strumming and singing with the hands of a surgeon on amphetamines and a heart that’s on growth hormones. The residue of his Southern upbringing seeps heavily into his deep fried Americana wiles and blues-forged soul, as he pens honest and country-grown lyrical tales that almost serve as a bridge to his labyrinth of instrumental day tripping.”

“His writing has an earnest and vintage blues and down-home America quality to it, but as if by design, Tobias’ lyrical adventures are hardly the focal point of what he does; they serve more as a bridge to his guitar chops. Very similar in song structure to one Dave Matthews, Tobias will lay out a few verses of song almost as an appetizer to feasts of calculated mayhem with the axe, strumming at a pace that would leave a hummingbird dizzy and the guys from King Crimson thinking about going unplugged…”

Aaron Davis, Sacramento Bee