“High & Low” –  Stream of  all  Song  Clips

1. Touch the Sky

2. Let’s Make a Deal

3. Folding the Flag

4. High & Low

5. Autumn Comes

6. Be Careful What You Do

7. Robber Barrons

8. Blown Away

9. Devils Run

10. Drake’s Equation: Light Years Away

11. Drake’s Equation: Star Voices

12. In Your Own Time

13. Maple Leaf Rag


“This was the hardest album I will ever make,” Michael Tobias forthrightly proclaims of his debut record – and that’s exactly what one would expect of an album that took nearly three years to complete, and was forged out of good times, heartaches, a box of two dozen master cassettes, some flying sparks of creative insanity, and plenty of highs and lows…”
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