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Hailing originally from Georgia, Michael Tobias is a jazz guitarist, singer, multi-instrumentalist & bandleader.  Performing solo or with a full band, Tobias’ unique and timeless interpretations of jazz, blues, ragtime, folk, bluegrass, old-time country, & spirituals breathe life into the Great American Songbook’s rich collection of music.

Michael’s American roots themed performances can be customized to suit a wide range of musical settings & events including: performance halls, community theaters, weddings, private parties, corporate events, fairs, festivals, schools, farmer’s markets, fine dining, jazz venues, blues clubs, cafes, & good ol’ fashioned honky tonk bars and tap rooms.

Jazz ~ Solo Guitar

“Pachelbel’s Canon” Johann Pachelbel (1694)

“Maple Leaf Rag” Scott Joplin (1899)

“All the Things You Are” Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein (1939)

“Over the Rainbow” Harold Arlen & E. Y. Harburg (1939)

“Look to the Sky” Antonio Carlos Jobim (1967)

“Aura Lee” George R. Poulton & W. W. Fosdick (1861)

“All Blues” Miles Davis (1959)

American Roots ~ Trio

“Boll Weevil” Blind Willie Mctell’s (1928)

“This Land is Your Land” Woody Guthrie (1940)

“Pay Me My Money Down” Traditional; Georgia Sea Islands (1800)

“Blue Bayou” Roy Orbison & Joe Melson (1963)

“Summertime” George Gershwin (1935)




About Michael Tobias’ Performance

Whether you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime event (wedding, seminal birthday, anniversary), an elegant-and-sophisticated-jazzy-night-club-style evening gala,  a rambunctious-rockin’-bluegrass-house-party-out-on-the-farm, or would like live music to help liven up & add ambience to an upcoming corporate event or company party, Tobias can meet the Music entertainment needs of your special occasion.

Michael Tobias is an entertainer; he understands what it means to “play the room.”  Michael customizes each performance to blend in well with the atmosphere of your venue whether you serve coffee, organic fruit smoothies, Pabst Blue Ribbon, aged wine, mixed drinks, hard liquor, fish ‘n chips on a wood bench or surf & turf on white linen.

Michael will work directly with you or the event manager beforehand in developing a repertoire of songs that matches well with your special event’s or venue’s theme.  He will be prepared to perform the right music at the appropriate volume level to entertain your guests.

Performances can be acoustic, electric, instrumental, vocal or mixed.  For larger rooms or outdoor performance situations, Michael’s P.A. system (JBL Neodymium 1,000 watt powered 1×15 speaker) usually provides more than adequate sound coverage.

If the musical situation allows, Michael also enjoys mixing in his original compositions during a performance; his creativity & original works are deeply inspired by the roots music he studies.


Performance fees range depending on the size of your event, how many hours of music you would like performed, travel costs and set-up considerations unique to each event.  Tobias can prepare customized arrangements of requested songs, for a reasonable fee.  Understanding that there are other expenses involved in putting together a successful event, Michael will strive to meet your budget.  

Live Music!

People love live music and always have. Unearthed at the Geißenklösterle cave site in the Swabian Alps of Germany, one of the oldest instruments ever discovered is a 40,000 year old swan-bone flute.  Our modern world moves at an increasingly fast pace, but still, nothing better communicates the intangible, emotional aspects of our human experience like string notes plucked beautifully by hand, a rhythm beaten firmly on a drum, or a melody powerfully sung with resonating voice. An exceptional live musician can help transform an ordinary social scene into a lively, dynamic, and memorable event.  

Michael Tobias would be honored to provide the service of live music for you.